Project: to simplify and automate the rebates process

The challenge was a complex rebates calculation process which took a lot of time to execute and often required rework before calculations could be finalised. The inputs were in variable formats with some unstructured data compounding the issue.



The solution was process simplification and use of UiPath automation technology. Before automation, the inputs were standardised through innovative form design


“Automation of the process means that my team can focus more on delivering on our strategic objectives”

Marcin Dabkowski, Supply Chain Director ANZ

“Through the automation of our rebate claiming process, Aquiliti has delivered a service that has freed up 80% of an FTE. This resource can be redeployed to more customer service focused tasks. Given Sodexo is a service business this outcome should not be underestimated.”

David Waites, Head of Food Sourcing


Organisational Benefits

Speed: Each quarter, the process now takes around a week (compared to two months previously)

Capacity: The analyst has more time to spend on developing procurement capability to advance his career

Accuracy: First time accuracy is 100% and rework is eliminated for the automated outputs

Better data: The procurement team has more time and better data to base strategic decisions on

ROI: Over three years the benefits from speed, accuracy, capacity and improved cashflow equate to 8:1 on investment


Finance is expanding the use of automation to a second project after having seen the effects on procurement’s effectiveness in the area of rebates, and the effects on Sodexo’s cashflow.

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