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Around 37% of all daily business tasks are routine and can be automated

Aquiliti uses the latest technologies and innovations to help organisations achieve more with less effort.

We start by working with our clients to identify those business process tasks that are overly manual or complex. Typically they include repetitive entry of the same information or require the transfer or input of data from one system or process to another.

The benefits of RPA go beyond cost savings and include 100% accuracy of information, increased employee productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Using the very latest workplace diagnostic tools we can quickly see which tasks are taking time to get completed and what data we need to access. We then combine this information with ideas from staff to create a positive and employee-driven change initiative.

Another important benefit of RPA is that it can work with your existing IT infrastructure. It can be either cloud or server-based and overcomes typical problems caused by legacy systems or siloed applications that have resulted in process inefficiencies and software integration challenges.

RPA acts as an integration tool to streamline data across your systems and offer a highly cost-effective alternative to costly system upgrades

What we offer

Here are some examples of areas where Aquiliti and RPA can help…

Invoice process automation

Keep your invoice payments timely, error-free and at scale with intelligent robotic process automation.

Payroll automation systems

Ensure employees are paid accurately and on time by integrating timesheets, and automatically keep employees’ data up-to-date across HR and payroll systems.

Procurement automation

Keep suppliers’ information up-to-date across systems and ensure invoice payments and analysis of invoice data is accurate.

Automated fraud detection

Use automated workflows to detect prevalent fraud indicators to reduce the risk of attacks on your organisation by identifying fraudulent activity in real-time.

What our clients say

See how we can help you

For our clients, we’ve used RPA to reduce operational costs, reduce wasteful manual processes to improve productivity and improve employee satisfaction by reducing non-value-adding work and allowing them to use their skills and capabilities to improve the business. 

See how your organisation can take advantage of automation by letting your new digital workforce take care of the routine and harness the talent and creativity of your staff to achieve more with less effort.